Parts of a Whole: New Work from MCBA’s Artist Community

Parts of a Whole: New Work from MCBA’s Artist Community
August 16 – October 20, 2013

MCBA presents an exhibition of new work by members of our artist community — faculty, co-op members, past artists-in-residence, fellowship and mentorship grant recipients, current and former staff and board members, and others — curated by the MCBA Artist Cooperative. These talented artists demonstrate their innovative approaches, creative skills and diversity of styles in Parts of a Whole. A variety of artists’ books, broadsides, prints and other bookish artistic endeavours will be on view from this vibrant and eclectic group.

View a sampling of images from this exhibition. Refresh the page for another sampling, or visit MCBA on Flickr to view the full album.

Featured artists:

Kieran Riley Abbott
Margit Ahmann
Kjellgren Alkire
Nancy Ariza
Suzanne Asher
Heather Bain
Julie Baugnet
Allison Bolah
Mandy Bonnell
Susan Bjerke
Anna Bredeson
Laura Brown
Elizabeth Carls
Jonas Criscoe
Liz Cunningham
Amanda Degener
Meryl DePasquale
Will Dinski
Tracy Doreen
Samantha Esguerra
Wendy Fernstrum
Jean Formo
TJ Goerlitz
Georgia Greeley
Marvel Gregoire
Julia Gualtieri
Anna Haglin
Angela Hed
Susan Hensel
Jennifer Hibbard
Morgan Hiscocks
Emily Hoisington
Amanda Kaler
Bethany Kalk
Diane Katsiaficas
Basma Kavanagh
Lin Lacy
Monica Edwards Larson
Jes Lee
Sarah Lee
Libby London
Frances Lloyd-Baynes
Amy Lund
Curt Lund
Erin Maurelli
Evelyn Miller
Drew Mintz
William Myers
Joshua Norton
Kirsten Olson
Sara R. Parr
Rachel Perlmeter
Jana Pullman
Erica Spitzer Rasmussen
Jeff Rathermel
Olga Ricalde
Regula Russelle
CB Sherlock
Tom Spence
Richard Stephens
Todd Thyberg
Aaron Van Dyke
Melissa Wagner-Lawler
Leah Willemin
Jody Williams
Laurie Wright