ReAlphabet Revisited

ReAlphabet Revisited
November 15, 2013 – January 5, 2014
Open Book Lobby Gallery

ReAlphabet Revisited represents the first completed alphabet portfolio selected from The ReaLibrary’s ReAlphabet Files. The goal of the ReAlphabet Files project is to transform papers that have reached the end of their original intended use and repurpose these materials into new collaborative artworks. The resulting collected alphabets are drawn from public open-call submissions; artists and non-artists alike are invited to contribute a page with upcycled content to the project to be made into alphabet books and portfolios. The project is open to all; any media (print, collage, drawing, writing, etc) and all alphabet letters including non-roman alphabet characters are welcome.

View a sampling of images from this exhibition. Refresh the page for another sampling, or visit MCBA on Flickr to view the full album.

Featured artists:

Tom Spence
Barb Allan
Jody Williams
Tracy Doreen
Ian Kolstad
Nicole Stamm
Evelyn Miller
Grace Fechner
Nate Christopherson
DJ Caputo
Julie Kearns
Monica Edwards Larson
Amanda Degener
Laura Holland
Bridget O’Malley
Gregory V. Bard
Sarah Lee
Jean Formo
Diane Katsiaficas
Anna Haglin
Wilber Schilling
Harriet Bart
Angie Butler & Hazel Grainger
Lewis Koch
Anna Bredeson
Richard Stephens
Carol Norby