Bound/Unbound: Test

New Work by MCBA’s Artist Collective

Minnesota Center for Book Arts is pleased to present Bound/Unbound, a virtual exhibition of artwork by members of the MCBA Artist Collective. Curated by Kerri Mulcare and CB Sherlock—both members of the Artist Collective—the exhibition explores the unconfined idea of the book by highlighting local work from our own community. More than 30 pieces represent a range of artistic methods, from handmade paper and photogravure prints to zines, woodblock prints, and experimental books.

Paul Nylander, Altruissis

August Schultz, I Don't Know

Regula Russelle, wondering / seeking / listening / remembering / blessing

Jessie Merriam, Antipodes: KBG Road Bunker, Alaska Dragon Vent, South Indian Ocean

Robin Garwood, Long Descent & Open/Closed

Bridget O'Malley, Arc

Kerri (Mulcare) Sandve, Thresholds

Raven Riverbirch Miller, The Early Years, Gearing Up, Ancestral Tree, A Brother's Loss

Raven Riverbirch Miller, Ancestral Tree

Bridget O’Malley, Nest

Marvel Gregoire, OFF the GRID

S. Quire, Life is Short &Hottie with a Smoke

Robin Garwood, Hanlon's Razor

August Schultz, An Army of Lovers

August Schultz, Sorry Girls

Paul Nylander, Immense Vocabulary & Women's Watch

CB Sherlock, Blue

Cathy Ryan, Ephemera

S. Quire, 論語 / The Sayings of Confucius

Karen C. Kinoshita, Never Ending Story

Karen C. Kinoshita, Remnant

Richard Stephens, Printing Alongside Erin and Laura

Richard Stephens, Migration

Wendy Fernstrum, She Tore Her Clothes In Sorrow

Kerri (Mulcare) Sandve, In the Water

Kerri (Mulcare) Sandve, Moon Rise (As Our Bodies Lift Up Slowly)

CB Sherlock, Setting

Erica Spitzer Rasmussen, Murmurations

Erica Spitzer Rasmussen, Verso/Recto